Life can be wonderful and awful, beautiful and ugly, familiar and strange.

You can feel happy and sad, together and alone, excited and bored.

These paradoxes are felt uniquely within.

No matter how much time we share with someone, our experience of our shared time is unqiue to each of us.

Our sense of time changes.

The ephemeral happiness of being with someone you love pails in the relentless pain of a break up.

Every second, no matter how long it feels, is an opportunity to give and to love selflessly.

Still we can throw them away selfishly in the pursuit of whatever it is we feel we need at that moment.

These moments, whether cherished or discarded, are counted by others, are never thrown away and they accumulate into your legacy.

Learning to give unconditionally to others has allowed me to make the most of the life I have.

So as I look back, I wouldn’t do it any different if I could do it all again.